It was late November 2012 when we, Ehsan and Mark, got together to build a community free of agenda. We decided to launch SMXChat in February 2013. We got together with the idea of creating a Twitter Chat that gave people a place to question, comment and learn. Our idea was that simple. We wanted to create a place where a community could come together to debate and discuss the opportunities presented by the emergence of Social Media.

Suffice to say that Social Media is fairly well emerged. Mature? Maybe not yet and this is the primary reason that we decided for putting #SMXChat to rest. After four years, there is little left to discover and to chat about. We had the honour of being approached by likes of Sprout Social, The Drum and Social Media London and Meltwater to teach them as how to develop and run a Twitter Chat, including B2B Twitter Chats. We believe in keeping relevant and we don’t feel the current state of Social Media is relevant to our ethos and philosophy of a community free of agenda.

We had a great time and we loved every second of planning and running SMXChat. We only took off the chat on national holidays and special days such as the Independence Day and Christmas.

Things change. We will remain active in Social Media and certainly we remain friends, and continue having our regular chit chats. We were a great team for the last four years!

Last but not least, we are happy to have met and spent time with so many friends that have joined us along the #SMXChat journey!

Today, as usual 8pm UK time, join us for our final chat. Today is going to be a goodbye from us. We will keep @SMXChat as a digital book written by every single person from the planet #SMXChat. This account will be there for you and everyone else who is interested to see the changes in Social Media since 2013.