At #SMXChat, we love the philosophy of an organic approach to marketing, and what’s more organic than collaborating with customers and communities for content? This approach touches a couple of topics of recent interest: content marketing and influencer marketing. Or crowdsourcing content, as suggested by this article from Social Media Today.

Who can’t relate to struggling for ideas to write about? Or chat about.

Crowdsourcing social media content means our communities, networks, and even random folks give us inspiration. How might this work, you ask?

  1. Invite ideas. And use them! And credit those they come from.
  2. Make it a competition. Creativity is sparked by the desire to win!
  3. Talk to people. Many, many #SMXChat topics have some from Tweets we see in conversations.
  4. Survey. You’ll be surprised how many people respond to easy, timely, and fun survey topics.
  5. Take input seriously. The idea behind crowdsourcing is that many ideas inspire creative results.
  6. Use influencers. Transparent access to your team keeps important outsiders in the loop. Don’t forget internal advocates as an important link to external influencers.
Source: Social Media Today. 6 Ways to Use Crowdsourced Content in Your Social Media.  May 5, 2015.

For most businesses, markets are a fairly closed system and a local phenomenon. Including customers in our marketing content creation evokes a sense of community around our brand. This creates enthusiasm that emanates outward, pulling more customers in.

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