If you have been attending #SMXChat long enough, you would probably know Amanda Coleman. Amanda is Head of Corporate Communications at Greater Manchester Police. I am honoured that she accepted my invitation to join us on Tuesday 31 January 2017 at 8pm UK time for a lively chat about safety and security on Social Media.

Amanda trained more than 450 front-line officers and staff to use Social Media and engage with communities which they serve on a daily basis.

She also developed an app based on geo-location that allows Greater Manchester Police to locate wanted people, missing people and support appeals for where people are, as well as giving the details of the local officers and how to contact them.

So as you can see, Amanda is the right person to talk about safety and security on Social Media. You may want to read what she talks about on her personal blog too.


Here are 5 questions which we will be covering over 60 minutes:

1) How can we protect ourselves on Social Media?

2) How can we protect others on Social Media?

3) When should Social Media providers get involved and how?

4) When do we need to get the police involved (regarding to what suspect on Social Media)?

5) How can we deal with low level abuse on Social Media?