This week’s guest on #SMXChat is Geoff Hudson-Searle. Geoff is an international director who is lecturing regularly on the principles of integrated business strategy, change and business sustainability at worldwide forums. Geoff has over 22 years of experience in the business management arena.

Geoff is also an author. His second book is called Meaningful Conversations, a book written for business professionals and individuals dealing with the great challenges of today’s world of business.

Two key areas of Geoff’s expertise are  brand strategy and business communications which ideally equip him to strengthen global companies and develop international business and marketing strategies. That’s why he began his book with the importance of communication.

You can read more about Geoff’s intention behind his second book in an interview with a Huffington Post: What It Takes To Become An Inspiring Author

As you can see, Geoff is very well qualified to speak about corporate leadership and communication in light of common sense and the basic principles of psychology in communication. Are you investor ready?


Here’s our chance to hear about it from an expert; let’s debate and answer the following questions:

Q1) With all of the discussion of strategy, culture, transparency, engagement how do businesses and VCs view the social media juggernaut?

Q2) What is the strategic value of communication?

Q3) What areas of corporate organizations benefit most from trust and transparency?

Q4) Are corporate leaders making the best use of goal setting throughout their branding process?

Q5) How can your book help businesses to be more productive and profitable?