If you have been following Ehsan Khodarahmi on Twitter since 2008 you would know that he always talks and writes about what businesses need to hear and do. Back in 2012 he published an article about the future of PR and marketing. He called this Social Newsroom and Citizen Journalism evolution.

…adoption of Social Media has been rather slow amongst some major brands. It is very important to acknowledge fear from change doesn’t make change go away; it just makes the adoption and implementation process lengthier and more expensive.

You may wish to read the full article on HuffingtonPost. But why are we going to discuss this topic in 2017? Because businesses and organizations are still looking for ways to reach their audiences and make sense of branded content. Here are a few questions suggested for #SMXChat community to answer:

Q1) What does Social Newsroom mean to you?

Q2) What is the role of branded content in marketing and business communication?

Q3) How can businesses make sure their content is effective and useful?

Q4) How can Social Newsrooms help businesses with customer acquisition?

Q5) Who should be held responsible and accountable for quality and relevancy of content for Social Newsrooms and its distribution?