Social Media is as old as history but its original and genuine purpose of connecting and communicating in light of transparency has somehow lost in translation somewhere along the way.

Generally speaking, the more advanced we get in terms of technology and innovation, the least authentic we become. I’m not saying everyone, but you know what I mean. And if you don’t know what I mean, please don’t judge me, ask me to explain myself and let’s have a purposeful conversation.

Making fortune lies in making noise and pretending that you know something that nobody knows. This is perhaps why the term “Social Media” was invented, although Social Media has been around for millions of years, we just didn’t call it “Social Media”.

Having said that, Social Media has been the greatest thing ever that has happened to us! Simply because you can easily see who is a game player and who is a genuine person with genuine intention.

Some news and broadcasting houses choose to show photos and videos shared on Social Media on air, but when asked to confirm the authenticity of news, they usually and very swiftly wash their hands off it. This is the moment when people feel disconnected and they feel they need a different source of news. Social Media can be an alternative news source, and in fact a credible source; but only if it’s used correctly (something that I call citizen journalism).

People consciously choose what Social Network Site they want to be on and how they want to interact with one another, and how to consume information. But sometimes we see some people, voluntarily give up their integrity, with rather fake details to protect their own privacy, because they have a purpose to mislead the public. We can see exactly the same, if not worse thing in traditional journalism and publication houses, for example News of the World.

Those who provide us with Social Media platforms probably want us to build a better world and contribute to knowledge; but some of us choose to serve a selfish purpose. Why? This is exactly what we’re going to discuss on 180th SMXChat.

We don’t like to speculate on things because we have enough time to analyse and evaluate facts. Please feel free to join #SMXChat on Tuesday at 8pm UK time to answer the following questions:

  1. What are your top sources for news? Why?
  2. Who do you trust on Social Media when it comes to news?
  3. Who do you think is responsible and should be held accountable for disseminating fake news on Social Media?
  4. How can we prevent distribution of fake news on Social Media?
  5. What could owners of Social Media platforms do to stop fake news get circulated around the world but they didn’t?
Image: Unknown.