For better or worse, communication establishes the tone of leadership. Great communicators are often described as great leaders! Poor communicators are not always poor leaders… just much of the time.

Communication’s greatest impact is in building trust. Nothing makes us more comfortable with someone than the trust gained by ‘knowing’ them. We often hear of the humanization afforded us in social media by telling our stories. I’m not sure I buy the value of personal narrative in gaining trust and confidence, you know? It’s like this: you can’t gain trust by saying, ‘Trust me.’ You gain it by demonstrating that you’re worthy.

This is also true of how we gain each other’s trust on social media. Of course it’s about being honest, transparent, and authentic. Are these attributes that we consider in the classic definition of a leader?

Q1) How do you think communication jibes with leadership? #SMXChat

Q2) Do we expect leaders to show only their confident, brilliant sides in how they communicate? #SMXChat

Q3) How does social media affect communication for/by leaders? #SMXChat

Q4) Has social media changed our view on leadership? How? #SMXChat

Q5) How does social media challenge the traditional role of ‘leader’? #SMXChat