Technology has changed so many aspects of life that we humans can hardly keep up. It has undoubtedly changed how young people view and interact with the wider world. This kind of global access to information and to each other was unthinkable 30 years ago, emerging 20 years ago, in it’s infancy 10 years ago. So where does that put us today?

It may be a stretch to say that social media is a mature phenomenon at this point, but is fair to say that it has had a dramatic effect on how we communicate. I’m fond of saying that being forced to ‘speak’ in 140 character bursts has made me a better communicator! I’m not sure that’s a commonly shared perspective, but I like to think it’s true.

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And how and what we consume and share on social media says more about us than I think we care to admit. So we might wonder, what effect is social media having on how students in college and universities (heck, even High School) view the world, interact with others, and learn? Additionally what, if anything, are we doing as stewards, to influence learning and experience in the realm of social media?

This is our discussion at #SMXChat this week. Our guest is Kenna Griffin. Kenna teaches mass communications (multimedia journalism, public relations and media law and ethics) at Oklahoma City University. You can find Kenna on Twitter @profkrg.

Q1) @profkrg We think the practice of social media may be contrary to principles of communication and journalism. What do you think? #SMXChat

Q2) @profkrg Has social media changed academic curricula? How? #SMXChat

Follow up to Q2: Is ‘social media’ a valid career path? Or is it converging with traditional disciplines as a tool? #SMXChat

Q3) @profkrg What are students learning about social media in academic classes? #SMXChat

Q4)@profkrg Do students take social media seriously as an academic pursuit? Or is it just for ‘friends’? #SMXChat

Follow up to Q4: Is social media a bonafide disruptor in communication? Or will it converge with traditional media and be diluted? #SMXChat

Q5) @profkrg What should we be modeling and teaching students about their social and digital footprint and influence? #SMXChat