Businesses are doing everything to make as much money as possible but, most of them aren’t doing enough to keep their customers happy. This is not what they promise in their marketing and PR messages, is it?!

Expectedly and rightly so, businesses focus on creating positive publicity; but what they have fundamentally got wrong is keeping the customer in mind. Although, every single business says that they put their customers at the heart of every decision they make. They don’t mean that, simply because they don’t care about people. The only thing that matters to them is money! Money buys them everything. At least, this is what they want to think. But they’re wrong; because their money can’t buy them credibility and authority. They might be running a big business and they might have a lot of money; but they don’t have personality and genuine intentions.

A business is successful when it’s trustworthy and not when it shows a healthy P&L account. Successful businesses do business with a purpose beyond making profit; making an impact and creating value. Successful businesses care about the sustainability of their brand because they know, they can’t buy loyalty. Loyalty is not to be bought but to be earned; and this is what many many businesses have yet to learn.

Let’s get toether for 174th SMXChat, on Tuesday 4th Oct at 3pm ET, to discuss in more detail. Here are five questions as our guide:

1) What is your definition for success in business?

2) What do successful businesses have in common?

3) What is the role of customer service in building a sustainable brand?

4) How can brands avoid crises?

5) Do you know any good, or bad, example/s of crisis management? Please explain.

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