When I read the news that Blab was dead (you haven’t heard? here’s the announcement) it got me thinking about communities and communication. It got me wondering about the personal connection between us as we converse. I wondered about this because, honestly, I was never very impressed with the notion of live-streaming video as an effective way to ‘tell stories,’ which was the great buzz of the potential for such technology.

Does it seem counter-intuitive to you that technology that brings us together face-to-face should not survive? (And yes, I am aware that Periscope is still around. But I hardly see notifications in my Twitter timeline at all anymore.) So while I was not a fan of live-streaming video, I harboured a secret fear that it would replace one of my favourite aspects of social media – the Twitter chat. I mean, who will want to labor over a keyboard when we can all live-stream together, right? I half-heartedly watched some live-streaming events that coincided with Twitter chats. That really got me! How can people do this? Keep up with a Twitter chat while maintaining a conversation on video? I thought my days attending the traditional chat were numbered.

But alas, it was Blab whose days were numbered. It’s notable that the Blab team is working on a new thing, one that may be closer to what I feared about sounding the death knell of the Twitter chat. It’s planned to be a community- (i.e., friends) oriented live-streaming hangout.  We’ll keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, let’s take a pulse on what is right (and wrong?) with Twitter chats. We want to do this for a couple of reasons:

  • To learn about what makes people ‘tick’ in Twitter chats
  • To maybe pick up some tips about making our #SMXChat work best for our community

Q1: What do you find valuable and rewarding about Twitter chats?

Q2: Considering the last, say, 3 yrs, have Twitter chats:

  • Increased in value
  • Decreased in value
  • Or stayed the same in value for their attendees?


Q3: Are branded Twitter chats of interest to you? Are they worthwhile for brands? Why/not?

Q4: Do you see branded accounts much in Twitter chats? In your opinion do they add value to the conversations?

Q5: Is a friend/community-oriented livestreaming  app a threat to the Twitter chat? Why/not?

Q6: What is the primary reason you attend Twitter chats? Be honest.