Back in November 2012 Mark Salke and I decided to create a global community free of any agenda whatsoever. We worked on the concept for good three months, before publically shared our vision in February 2013.

Mark is a proud American and I am a British-Iranian citizen. Mark and I got to know each other through Twitter. We were talking about the stuff that many people disagreed with, but a handful number of people agreed with us. We were puzzled with the way most people did marketing.

We decided that we didn’t want to be a part of the “talk a good talk” community, but we wanted to create value and legacy. We created SMXChat, something that many people ignored, but soon after started running Twitter advertising campaigns during the chat.

It took us about a year to get here though and we started getting recognitions like what the founder of SocialbakersJan Rezab tweeted for example:

Also businesses came after us to train them about how they should be doing Twitter Chats or publications like The Drum asked us to help them with planning and positioning of their weekly Twitter Chat.

We owe all of these to our amazing SMXChat community. I bow to every single one of you for creating a global community free of agenda. Here are the countries where our fellow community members join us every Tuesday:


This is how we’ve been announcing our topics:

Thanks ever so much everyone! Your tweets mean a lot to us! Here are just a couple of tweets we get everyday:

SMXChat.SMXChat..We’re in favour of transparency and privacy, hence we decided to create a global community free of agenda. And by that, we truly mean a global community free of agenda! Maybe our only agenda is the betterment for our community!