Personality is a big deal unless you believe automation is the way forward in business. Having said that, knowing how to marry the two will open window of opportunity. Therefore, it is about time to get real and forget about the numbers, vanity metrics and stuff like image.

After all we are living in 21st century. We’ve been talking about this topic for a while and finally decided to make a topic for SMXChat!

As this is a topic close to Tim’s heart, we asked him to create a set of questions for this week chat. Because we believe in what Tim is taking about and we are inspired by his passion and willingness to share his knowledge.

Our audiences do not recognise the difference between TV, laptop, phone, tablet watch which means we need to think and deliver personalised content: customer experiences screen and platforms. How will we do that?

Here the questions to answer in 60 minutes during #SMXChat:

1. Define personalisation of marketing for your organisation?

2. If personalisation of marketing means you have to understand your audience; what’s the best way you do this?

3. These  days we have a wealth of implicit and explicit customer data available to us as marketers. What opportunities for personalisation arise as a result of this?

4. If personalisation is a commitment in time and a change of ethos for many businesses; what tip would you share with a company that is getting started?

5. Personalisation is as old as marketing itself but it seems it has lost its way despite the tech at our finger tips. Why do you think this is?

6. We all know personalisation is a mindset not a tool, but are there any tools or platforms that allow you to do this better?

7. Can you personalise at scale if you are a global or major brand? What are the pitfalls?

8. What companies or brands can you shout out that use personalisation well? Why are they successful?