Since the advent of social media, as we know it, every business has been trying to create awareness about their products and services. They obviously want to sell because they know buyers, in particualr B2B buyers, usually start their research on social media channels, namely on Twitter. This is probably why some busnesses started running Twitter Chats or join established Twitter Chats.

When Ehsan and Mark decided to start SMXChat back in 2013, after well over 3 months of discussion and planning, the pair agreed to create a community where everyone is genuinely keen to:

  • Exchange knowledge and experience
  • Share insights
  • Learn from each other

We conciously chose to exclude direct selling and promoting products and services out of the equation. We however invited different businesses to join the chat and we shared links to their website as well as social media profiles. We understand how valuable it is to share links during a real time conversation on Twitter.

We were approached by a few organisations in the UK and the US to help them with their Twitter Chat, which we did. In fact, back in 2012 and 2013 we helped a social media analytics business get customers during a SMXChat session. We did what we did we pleasure, because those organisations cared to take part in the conversation and did not dump their links during the chat.



We strongly believe those businesses who tend to just dump their links during a Twitter Chat will get more in the long run from participating, being contributing members of the community. So, never “post” a link to your website to sell your stuff, if you didn’t have time to participate in the conversation.

  1. Why do you join a Twitter Chat?
  2. Why some businesses choose broadcasting over building relationship with people on social media?
  3. What do you think about those businesses that tend to use a Twitter Chat to brag about their prodcucts/services?
  4. What should Twitter Chat moderators do with those who post links to their business without adding value to the conversation?
  5. When is it appropriate for a brand to drop in to a chat? How should they do so? Can they ‘drop a link’?
  6. What do you predict is the future of selling on social media like?