Brand You says everything about you. Even if you don’t consciously consider how your social media footprint affects your brand. Whatever you do (and link to your social media profiles) or whatever you say on social media, stays there forever even if you delete them. People may forget things but the Internet doesn’t!

So, make sure your social media footprint is able to influence how the world perceives you. Being mindful of Brand You is not narcissism (although it might possibly become that, if not done carefully and with a genuine intention).

Mindfulness shouldn’t inhibit our being ‘ourselves’. Because, by definition, Brand You is the real, genuine, transparent and authentic You!


Now let’s dive in and answer the following 5 questions in our 60 minutes on #SMXChat:

Q1) How does Brand You matter to you?

Q2) Describe Brand You in your own words.

Is there someone whose brand is particularly impressive to you? Why?

Q3) What three words do you think others might use to illustrate Brand You?

Is being true to your ‘brand’ important? How/Why?

Q4) How is Brand You relevant if you’re not a social media ‘celebrity’?

Brand You is Brand Me in your own mind. Is there value to You in that?

Q5) How does Brand You impact you in a practical way?