We like to believe that SMXChat is beyond just a weekly Twitter Chat. When we started SMXChat back in March 2013, we promised you to create a valuable community where we:

  • Exchange knowledge and experience
  • Share insights
  • Learn from each other

Therefore, we make sure we speak about the topics that matter to you and invite guests who can add value to the community. This week we welcome Gareth Owens, MD of Linkfluence in the UK as our guest on SMXChat. We know Gareth from the real life, we first met at a social media event in London back in 2010 and as the world is small, we bumped to each other at Social Media Week in 2015 and kept in touch since. We trust Gareth and his wisdom. 

So, what are we going to chat about this week on #SMXChat? Here’s a great introduction put together by Gareth and his team at Linkfluence UK.

Over the last 10 years social media has grown up, or at least it has greatly evolved.

In 2005 I watched one of the first social media crises unfold: Dell Hell.

The blogger that ignited the crisis was also a reputable journalist, however it was the trigger that brought brands to the social media table.

Social media became a medium that brands could no longer ignore, the question become, how to approach social and how to drive business value from it.

The role of social media and its ensuing trends and developments has kept brands on their toes and driven radical changes in marketing.

Back in 2006 brands were primarily focused on listening, e-reputation, risk management – social was the domain of PR departments.

As the market evolved we saw a rise of social networks – conversation was less defensive, it became focused on how brands could learn from, engage with and market to their audience. Social became a powerful channel for marketers.

Linkfluence now works to help clients in the midst of a wealth of social and digital data, metrics, and raw content. We now talk about ‘social media intelligence’ and ‘big data’ – to help brands to sift, segment and interrogate consumer information from online conversations to inform business decisions.

The work we now do reflects how social media is now integral (or at least important) to almost every part of a business: marketing, PR, Insights, even R&D, Product Development, HR, Legal and more.

As social data becomes more available, plentiful and sophisticated, the uses for it grows and the landscape continues to evolve new trends appear and pose new questions and yet more innovations.

This week we ask questions related to some of the topics of the moment and ask the audience, what’s next?

1) Is social content king when it comes to gaining insights? Can social media research replace traditional market research?

2) Are platforms like Snapchat changing social media conversations? Is the future about one-to-one conversations or one-to-many?

3) How do you see the role of social media influencers evolve?

4) How impactful is the role of image analysis/recognition for marketers?

5) What do you predict are the next big platforms/trends to be in social?