Our guests today are Rachel Moffett and Julia McCoy from Express Writers, an online content agency with a team of over 70 copywriters based in the US.

Our topic this week is ‘Creating Great Social Media Content’. From Twitter and Facebook to livestreaming apps, there are many social media platforms available at our fingertips today. No matter which platform you’re using, there’s always one thing you need to keep in mind when creating content: the key to gaining followers and getting them to stick around on any platform is creating content that they’ll love. It all comes down to knowing your audience and sharing content that adds value. Then, the next step is creating the right content for each platform you’re posting on. They all favor different types of posts after all!

Q1) In what ways does your content determine the social media platforms you publish on?

Q2) What are the keys to creating ‘content that converts’ on social media?

Q3) How has creating content for social media changed over the years?

Q4) What ratio do you follow for sharing original content vs. curated content? Or narrative vs. images/video, etc.?

Q5) What kinds of content engages audiences best on social media?