The battle for our eyeballs is full steam ahead, and live video streaming is the latest content-trend in social media. The captive audience of social media networks is a big reason for the emergence of live video streaming. What catches our attention more than video?

The flip side of the streaming video coin is quality content. While its moderately interesting and entertaining to watch live video neophytes Meerkat-ing, Periscope-ing and Blab-ing, how about professionally produced, live video on topics that we really care about?

This New York Times’ March 30, 2016 article gives a fascinating inside look at Facebook Live, a recently released live streaming feature. According to authors 

And while content producers  and media companies continue to waffle on the wisdom of tight integration with Facebook, it seems that Facebook Live holds great fascination and intrigue for them. I mean, who can resist 1.5 billion active users? The question isn’t if Facebook and content producers will make money, it’s when:

“Live streaming revenue could come from advertising, subscriptions or paid one-time events.”

according to sources within Facebook cited by the authors. And perhaps, how… Facebook’s Fidji Simo, Director of Product, explains a familiar process in how Facebook develops products:

“It’s early days, and as with all products at Facebook we build people-first, but we are committed to finding a sustainable monetization model for partners sharing live video on Facebook…”

We might envision content producers and media companies sharing video feeds via iPhone together with (and ) video from their own professional equipment. A twist on dual-screen viewing – dual screen  production. A pretty cool example is included at the top of the NYT article.

What advantage is there to media companies streaming live on Facebook? Well for one thing live video streaming places content in priority position on users’ news feeds, giving  content producers ‘a sense of regaining control of Facebook’s news feed, the primary source of information on the social network, where posts are sorted based on an opaque computer program.’ In fact Facebook has acknowledged that [W]ith Live, though, live broadcasts display higher in users’ feeds.’

Does the announcement of Facebook Live change the playing field of live streaming on social media? We’ll discuss and debate this and other questions at #SMXChat on Tuesday April 5.

Q1) Facebook Live has big appeal to large scale content producers. Does it change the live streaming game for the rest of us?

Q2) As a marketer, what live streaming platform do you think will reach your audience best? Why?

Q3) How does live streaming video content fit with marketing with social media?

Q4) Is Facebook going to dominate the live streaming space?

Q5)  Will Facebook deliver larger audiences than Periscope? How? Why?