The Social Media eXperience is broadening. Our vision from the start has been to create and maintain a forum where this community and all communities learn from each other. This was clear in our first #SMXChat blog post, and it is the core principle of the vision that moves the social media experience forward from here.

#SMXEdu aims at moving the digital business forward by placing credibility above qualifications. We don’t need an MBA or degree from a leading business and economy school to do well in business. We need contacts and knowledge, this is what #SMXEdu offers. We can’t connect with people unless we are honest and meaningful, we can’t gain knowledge and expertise if we are not willing to listen to others and collaborate with them. As we always said and genuinely believe in: Collaboration is the future competition.

The more collaborative we become the more productive and sustainable our businesses will become. #SMXEdu provides the right educational material for businesses that want to do business with a purpose beyond profit, building and strengthening communities where they will have customers who will believe in their business ethos. #SMXEdu is the confidence that businesses need to become digital business leaders.

#SMXEdu is connected with all aspects of the Social Media eXperience; what from today onward we call #SMXMedia, to create seamless access to resources for information, collaboration and learning. Our hope, our vision, is that this is a community effort. That our resources and knowledge, when shared, creates a whole that demonstrates the best of the sum of its parts. #SMXEdu will be a place where students and practitioners of digital marketing and social media meet to create, just as #SMXChat is that place for weekly gathering, interaction and debate.

Q1) How is integrated marketing relevant to small business?

Q2) Agree or Disagree: Businesses can do digital and social media on their own with access to resources for help. Why/Not?

Q3) Does a wide range of interest/experience help or hinder a collaborative effort?

Q4) Social, websites, blogs, video: Can they be integrated into a consistent, helpful resource? How?

Q5) What’s the key ingredient to getting/keeping a busy business owner’s attention on digital/social marketing?