As if starting up a business isn’t complicated enough, throw some digital marketing and social media into the mix! It’s not as bad as it sounds. Think of it like the community where your business will ‘reside,’ because that’s what the digital space has become!

So first of all, people gotta know you’re here. Then, it helps for them to know something about you! Not just what you sell, or the service you provide, although that, of course, is very important. I’ve always loved the age-old phrase that people buy from people they like. Do you think that’s always true? Well, I wouldn’t want to be my success on risking the opposite.

Your story is a great way for to create familiarity and connections with people. We don’t have to write the equivalent of War and Peace on our web page to tell it either. People will be patient if it’s good. We all like a good story. It’s up to you to make the ending though!

Sprinkle your story around. Take how you connect with people personal. Don’t be afraid! This is the age of digital and social media – we love it when you share! People won’t care about what you know until they know about what you care about. I think people admire others whose passions are diverse. Don’t hesitate to share many of your passions and you’ll find that lots of others share the same.

Where do you draw the line? That’s a fine line of distinction that you mostly determine for yourself. Remember there’s a whole wide (and wild) world of people out there, and now you can easily connect with just about anyone. Think about your individual persona, your business reputation, and how you project them to that world. But don’t take it all too seriously. One major ingredient of digital and social media is fun.

Q1) What’s the first step in creating a start-up’s digital presence?

Q2) What social media platforms do you recommend for a start-up business? How many?

Q3) What can a start-up learn from established business’ (and competitors’) digital and social footprints?

Q4) What should a start-up focus on in it’s digital and social media content?

Q5) What can all businesses learn from how start-ups use digital and social media to market themselves?

Q6) Whether you’re local or global, your digital and social presence should be ______.