I think the number one attribute for social leadership is this: Character.

What defines charisma? Character.

What gives us confidence? Character.

What keeps us going? Character.

Character, 100% Character.

Not just one definition of character. Or one perception of it. Like many superlatives that we use in describing leaders, such as integrity, character is easy to recognize but difficult to define.

It is also a crucial ingredient in gaining that elusive, basic thing we strive for: Trust. And when comes trust, comes teamwork, collaboration and success.

Individual brands are our outward manifestation of character. As are commercial brands. The simplest nugget of a brand is the connection that binds us innately – we don’t bother to think about how we connect – we just do. It’s intangible, perhaps, but not inexplicable.

This is what we strive for in marketing ourselves or our brands in social media. It’s not hundreds of thousands of ‘fans’, ‘followers’, or ‘friends’ that carries us along, it’s the intimacy of connecting with a few that ‘get’ what we’re about. They don’t define our brand, because they ARE our brand. How is this possible? The series of @GrowDemand articles on Medium supplies ample justification and rationale for building a market and branding one customer at a time.

@EKsays would say that character is a strong component of both our individual ethics and values and also our collective – in the form of how we represent ourselves and our brand. It’s as simple as this one phrase: ‘Say what you mean, mean what you say.’

Get this: a specially selected member of the #SMXChat community will receive a copy of Character, 100% Character. by Ehsan Khodarahmi. All you need to do is to join the chat using #SMXChat and #100PercentCharacter.

Q1) Can we explicitly share our character?

Q2) How might individual associates display the character of their brand?

Q3) How does one’s character influence others? How is this of value?

Q4) Can we market the ‘character’ of our brand? Or better question: should we?

Q5) If our character defines our legacy, what do you suppose yours will be?