Is it really a secret that teams perform better when they are collaborative vs. competitive efforts? We think not. And, we can see many ways that social media creates opportunities for greater collaboration with, among and around teams. Hey, the founding principle of #SMXChat is learning through collaboration and sharing of our experiences and best practices.

Some of the ways in which social media enables collaboration include encouraging listening to diverse opinions, testing our own opinions vs. the views of others, and building networks of diverse individuals that challenge our perspectives.

While some level of competition, with some measure of ego and a bit of arrogance, seems to encourage creativity and innovation, we have seen that the power of collected individuals working toward a common goal has created some of humankind’s greatest achievements.

So, we pose this question: Will social media evolve business to the point of creating an environment where collaboration overcomes competitiveness?

Q1) How do you think social media enables collaboration among competitors?

Q2) Collaboration among teams is seen as a competitive advantage. Can social collaboration between teams, brands or businesses be equally so?

Q3) How is social media creating opportunities for businesses and brands to collaborate?

Q4) What risks might impede social collaboration between brands?

Q5) What benefits might come out of social collaboration between brands?