I feel like I’ve lived through the golden age of social media. Is it all downhill from here? Oh gosh, let’s not be cynical right from the start. Social media is coming of age, and it has been through a bit of change. Maturing, I guess, is a good word for it. It’s no wonder, then, that some of us lament what social networking has become. Or not become.

In this week’s #SMXChat we’re going to explore some ‘myths’ that I hold on to in my assessment of the current state of social media. I figure (and actually, experience has borne this out) that if I’m holding on to some of these beliefs there are others like me. And while these beliefs may seem skeptical I promise to keep an open mind as we discuss them and the truths that the rest of you have observed.

Mark’s Myth #1: Social media has not fundamentally changed brand marketing. Reality:

Mark’s Myth #2: Brands don’t have to chase audiences on every new platform to be successful in social media. Reality:

Mark’s Myth #3 Companies have missed the boat on integrating social media into their culture. Reality:

Mark’s Myth #4: IPOs have ruined the communal philosophy that social media platforms were founded on. Reality:

Mark’s Myth #5: Facebook is the Amazon of social media, aiming to squash all others and rule the world! Reality:

Mark’s Myth #6: The Golden Age of social media has passed. Reality: