This week we welcome Sonia Harris as our guest on SMXChat. Sonia is the CEO of Harris Commerce, a Digital Marketing Agency in the Washington DC area. Sonia is a longtime contributor to and supporter of our community. You can find her on twitter @harrisonia.

Our topic concerns a subject we’ve approached before with a twist on what we think we already know, along with a refresher that allows us to revisit things that have changed as social media matures and gains wider and wider acceptance in culture and business.

When is the last to you wondered to yourself ‘Did that come across as I intended it?’ or “How DO I approach this situation?’ For me, I think it was yesterday. It’s true, at least for me, that I may forgo certain courtesies in the ‘heat of the moment.’ Does that happen to you?

I look forward to our discussion, and will use it, for sure, to refresh my social media etiquette skills. (It’s one of my 2016 resolutions.)

Q1) When you get a new friend/follower, what should you expect to happen next?

Q2)  When is it appropriate to inform new followers about your other online presences, products, and services?

Q3) You have a lot of friends/followers. How do you realistically engage with all of them to build relationships?

Q4) Though kind, is it necessary to thank people for RTs, MTs, & Likes? If so, how should that time be best managed?

Q5) When, if ever, would you suggest that others to do a (Follow Friday) promotion?