You may not have seen the very first post in this, the #SMXChat blog. It is where we set down our vision for what this chat would be. And our hopes for the community that it might inspire. So, here it is: The first #SMXChat blog post. We bring this up, and point you to our original ideas, because today we revisit the principle that this chat and this community were founded upon: Learning. Or, more explicitly, the state of an individual involved in a learned endeavour – the student.

Have you ever heard an outstanding athlete or coach referred to as a ‘student of the game’? What does that bring to mind for you? The parallels to business, marketing and social media may not be obvious, but they are there. A great athlete prepares both mind and body for the contest. They study the game – the rules, the plays, the physical conditioning and their opponents in order to be well prepared to accomplish their goal. The analogy can be further applied to many disciplines – science, medicine, art. But how often do business people – entrepreneurs, founders, managers, leaders – speak of being students of their craft?

In considering this question in the context of marketing and the authorship and dispersal of content via social media, it seems we see and hear much more braggadocio about the skills of practitioners than we we do of the humility and curiosity that characterize the student.

#SMXChat exists to keep the spirit of learning the craft of social media alive. We welcome and encourage diverse perspectives, lively debate, and deep discussion so that we may all learn from one another. Because we each have ideas, skills, opinions and experiences that can serve to enrich the entire body of knowledge for our chosen endeavour.

Q1) What is your idea of a student of social media? Or any craft?

Q2) Does positioning yourself as a student of the craft advance or diminish your professional standing?

Q3) What confounds you about the mechanics of social media? How do you deal with that?

Q4) How do you work to enhance your knowledge and skills in social media?

Q5) What’s your vision of reaching the peak of your social media knowledge?