This week’s #SMXChat guest is Deborah Thomas of DTN Productions International, @DTNEtiquette on Twitter. Those of you that follow Deborah recognize her consistent positive, helpful and enlightening presence in their Twitter stream. That’s what inspired our invitation to her to be our guest in this week’s chat.

What’s noticeable about positive people is that they exude confidence. It’s the same with confident, positive brands. Being positive is contagious – so spread it around! We all benefit from being around people who are optimistic. More energy, a positive approach, a higher level of composure and confidence are a few of the noticeable behaviors of positive people. Who wouldn’t benefit from “catching” some of that? It enhances and drives positive leadership and associate attitudes that are spread within and throughout the organization and its customers, clients and constituents.

The truly positive person/brand isn’t threatened by feedback, opinions that differ from their own, healthy debates – in fact they more than often welcome them!

The optimistic person/brand knows they do not know it all and delights in learning from others. They know when to say “I don’t know” and they don’t feel less confident because of such an admission. They are able to humanize their communication remaining confident and positive, but without allowing their ego or any hubris to get in the way. Isn’t that a quality we all admire when we see it in others?

So yes, display your positive attitude by allowing room for others to join in.  Eliminate anything within your communication style that is polarizing – that may mean some self-censoring! But the payoff is huge in the goodwill and positive returns that you receive.

Be positive!

Be confident!

Be kind!

Be respectful!

Q1) Describe authentic positivity – what grabs your attention?

Q2) People remember how you made them feel – how can brands capitalize on that?

Q3) Do people trust those who are over the top positive/optimistic?

Q4) Being approachable requires a high level of positivity – what is an example of an approachable brand?

Q5) With all of the negativity in the news each day, how important is being positive for brands?

Q6) Reality and being positive are mutually exclusive. Agree or disagree?