Never let it be said that we don’t like to have a little fun at #SMXChat – and Halloween is one of our favorite ‘holidays’! So grab your Jack o’ Lantern, Candy Corn, and tricks and treats! It’s the #SMXChat Halloween Party! Costumes optional.

Q1) What do you do when spooky strangers follow and friend you on social media?

Q2) What social media platforms would you cobble together to make a Frankenstein social app?

Q3) If you wrote a social media post from the grave, what would it say?

Q4) What social media platform would you raise from the dead as a ‘zombie app’?

Q5) What Halloween-themed song or movie best describes your social media persona?

Q6) Halloween has origins in the UK (Scotland and Ireland). For you folks from the UK, how is it celebrated there?