We’ve always enjoyed fill-in-the-blank questions. They are a contradiction, though, in some ways. Read very literally, they lead you to an obvious reply. Taken in wider context, they are an opportunity to think and perhaps be a little irreverent, cute and fun. Ahh, here is where we cross into the territory of truth!

#SMXChat always endeavours to make us think. This style of chat is intended as a free-association exercise. It’s also a great conversation starter, because it is open to interpretation. So don’t over-think, keep it light, and let the ideas flow. Please consider the questions in an individual and/or brand/business context.

P.S. Check out Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi: How social media has changed his life.

Q1) Before social media, I would ______ to make friends and influence people.

Q2) Social media keeps me <more/less> informed about current events in the world. How/why?

Q3) Content marketing is ______ to social media.

Q4) If not for social media, my job would be ______.

Q5) I use social media to ______ my work.

Q6) Social media has made me a ______ person/brand/business.

Q7) I have 35K followers on <pick your social media channel>. That means ______.

Q8) I have gazillions of followers but only follow a few hundred. This makes me ______.

Q9) Social media is making society ______.

Q10) We can contribute best to the body of social media knowledge by ______.