So I ran across a Tweet recently from @EricTTung: ‘Conversation is content.’ It’s simple. And profound. It turns out that it came originally from @TedRubin from a fascinating podcast guest spot on The CoachZing Show – Ted Rubin with @DougForesta.

So what’s in this simple phrase for you? What do you get from it? I ReTweeted the statement and asked a few people what they think about it.

Darren List said this:

Vince Skolny’s response was:

Which is spot on, no?

And this is an interesting perspective from Eugenia Beh:

What do you think? As individuals, as brands, as small businesses, aren’t we here to engage, to converse? To listen?

Here’s a gem fromĀ Matt Laurenceau:

Which is so true! I get lots of chat topics from thoughts that people have Tweeted.

I really like this right on response from Brooke Ballard:

From our earliest days, humans have had a need for community. To have a community, you need communication… and to communicate most effectively, we must converse.

Q1) What needs are fulfilled in a conversation that are not in one-sided communication?

Q2) Can we use conversation as a means of communicating message and/or stories?

Q3) What social media lend well to conversation? What aspects make them suited to it?

Q4) For brands, is a single voice necessary in your conversations?

Q5) Does conversation promote itself? How might we distinguish our brand with this communication style?

Q6) Why do you suppose conversationĀ is rather rare in brand communications?