Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Nice guys finish last’? Do you think it’s true? The answer is: sometimes. Check out this interesting (and long) article by Jerry Useem in The Atlantic: As you read this do you see some of yourself? Of others that you know? Of your brand?

We all hope to create a positive impression with our social personas, be they personal or brands. So what’s the best way to do that? Many of us might say that we ‘attract more flies with honey than with vinegar,’ but there is some evidence that displaying a certain level of arrogance and exclusivity can benefit premium and luxury brands. It’s a complex mix of personal taste and established social mores that combine to create one’s impression of a person or a brand. The situation in which we encounter each other has a lot to do with it. Perhaps each of us can think of situations in which behave alternately between arrogance and helpfulness?

So what is the right combination? Let’s explore that question.

Q1) How does our social persona (individual or brand) matter in our dealings on social channels?

Q2: How do you decide that you can trust or rely on an individual or brand?

Q3) How do you define transparency?

Q4) Do our communities notice (and appreciate) transparency? In what ways?

Q5) What harm can come from ‘bending the truth’?

Bonus Q6) Can one infer ‘character’ from another’s social media persona?