In this day and age, brands are no longer competing against each other but against driving the best possible customer experience fast; as this is what today’s savvy customers want.

Those responsible for marketing and PR, in particular in large corporate organisations, have been finding it rather difficult in the recent years to measure and report on customer loyalty in the ways they used to. This is the topic we would like to have a discussion about at this week’s #SMXChat with you. If you know anyone else who might be interested in this topic, then invite them in please.

Since the emergence of social media platforms, brands have been trying to share specific portions of their brand stories online with the intention of selling more of their products and services as well as earning customer loyalty.

Let’s chat about what customer loyalty means to brands and how they go about it on digital and social media channels:

  1. What does customer loyalty mean to brands?
  2. What can brands use as triggers on digital & social media channels to turn a customer to a loyal customer?
  3. How do loyal customers behave online at different stages of their interaction journey with brands?
  4. Do you think there is a correlation between marketing spend, creating brand image and customer loyalty?
  5. What can cause loss of customer trust and loyalty?