It’s time we take a measured perspective on the phenomenon of real-time video streaming on social media, and, especially, it’s value as another social marketing tool for businesses and brands. Our guest for this discussion is Mark Shaw (@markshaw), who evangelizes Periscope as a social media and business consultant.

All the hype aside, the true test of a social media app phenomenon is its practical usefulness. Periscope has enjoyed an amazing few weeks of social media attention. Will all the attention play out with widespread use and acceptance by social/brand marketers, and especially, by small businesses? Let’s discuss.

Q1) What aspects of real-time video streaming make it useful and advantageous for businesses and brands?

Q2) How can Periscope build audience and loyalty (and revenue) for businesses and brands?

Q3) What Persicope features outside of live-streaming create a rich social experience for audiences?

Q4) What kind of activities/events are best suited to real-time video streaming?

Q5) For businesses and brands, what are some must-dos for creating a successful live-streaming broadcast?

Q6) What are the biggest value points of live-streaming video for businesses and brands?

Image credit: Mark Shaw on Twitter