Many social media marketers run multiple platforms in parallel to acquire new leads via different channels such as event registration, subscription via blogs, direct mailing and email, face-to-face meetings etc. At the same time we need to update our data – people change jobs, their needs change and our business changes, too.

When talking about big data it’s not only about the amount, but also its management – how to transfer, merge, store, update and keep it accurate at all times. ‘The cloud’ is the term used describe the amassed volume of data that is collected through and among many sources. We generally conceive of the cloud as open, free access to all data placed on the internet by users, whether with their knowledge and permission or via less transparent means.

A key aspect of using big data for social media marketing is the collection, analysis, and archiving of useful information about needs, desires and habits of the people we hope to connect with. Social CRM tools have emerged as key platforms for this purpose.

Q1) How do we characterize when social media data becomes big data?

Q2) What common challenges are there in converging social media marketing with big data?

Q3) How is data accuracy assured? How can social marketers validate big data?

Q4) How can we ensure data is safe? Is collection of personal data transparent enough?

Q5) What social CRM tools are recommended for managing big social data?

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