Really? Is UGC even for local business?

We probably each have a very creative, clever and successful campaign in mind when we think of how big brands have hit the jackpot with user generated content (UGC). It seems that small brands and even local businesses have what it takes, too, to create the excitement and fun of getting customers involved with their business, brand, and products. In her November 18, 2014  blog post at Digiday, Tanya Dua (@TanyaDua) states:

“User-generated content and crowd-sourcing is attractive for brands for obvious reasons: It makes the brand more approachable, its campaigns more authentic and builds greater loyalty among its fans. It allows them to cash in on the eagerness of its customers to be co-creators, co-innovators and even evangelists by launching new campaigns on Twitter, Facebook or Instagam (sic) every other day. All it takes is a hashtag.”

Tanya hits on a couple of points for brands that easily scale down for small local businesses:

  • Being approachable: Hey if you’re a local business, this is a natural aspect of being part of the community.
  • Being authentic: Local businesses keep it real in their neighborhoods.
  • Creating loyalty: It’s fun to be a loyal customer at a local business, and UGC is a great way to engage the local community.

While a Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” campaign may seem a one in a million success, it shows that brands embracing UGC is a growing phenomenon that is having real impact on reach, reputation, loyalty and fun! And I bet the #SMXChat community has lots of ideas about how to make UGC a force in the creative toolbag of local businesses too!

Q1) How can local businesses get creative ideas for UGC?

Q2) What platforms are best suited to UGC for local businesses?

Q3) What are some incentives for encouraging participation in a UCG campaign?

Q4) Is it good or bad for local businesses to take campaigns across multiple social media platforms?

Q5) Are there ways to jump-start a slumping UGC campaign?

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