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Join the conversation and build relationships. It’s a party!

In my opinion, Twitter is the fun social network. It may be that I feel this way because I spend a predominance of my time on social media there. I have a few (fairly rational) reasons why I spend my time on Twitter a opposed to the, ahem, like thousand other networks biding for my time:


  • Twitter is fast paced! Sometimes to a fault, but I enjoy the rapid-fire movement of my Home stream.
  • You meet people really easily on Twitter. Hey, they see a Tweet, take a look at your profile and Bam! You have a follower.
  • Twitter is fun! If you have a lot of varied interests, there are a lots of communities of like-minded folks to hang out with.
  • There is always something unexpected happening. Perhaps true of other networks too, but the spontaneity and pace of Twitter adds to its fun allure.

So does the Twitter Party mean that brands and businesses are not invited? I don’t think so. It just means that if you come in, be ready to be part of the gang. Nobody likes a party-pooper. Or someone who talks incessantly about themselves. Or monopolizes the conversation. Or doesn’t ask anything about you! You get the picture.

Seth Godin describes “permission marketing”  as “the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.” Earning the opportunity to ask to promote your business upon having built a solid personal relationship by being a contributor to the community. I think that describes the kind of business purpose fulfilled by Twitter. But first, ya gotta join the party!

Q1) What are some tips for businesses and brands joining Twitter communities?

Q2) Does being just another ‘person’ at the party diminish your reputation, or build it?

Q3) When is an opportune time to ask to talk about business? Is Twitter the place to do it?

Q4) How can you tell when maybe you’re being too pushy?

Q5) If the party never ends, how do you stay on top of what’s happening when you’re not there?

Q6) What’s your #1 buzzkill on Twitter?

Image credit: @AnnTran on Twitter