Sarah A. Parker
Visual content gets attention, but doing it right takes thoughtful planning.

This week’s #SMXChat guest is Sarah A. Parker. Sarah is the Social Media Manager for Union Metrics, a provider of Enterprise Social Analytics.

We talk a lot about consistency and integration of messaging for brands. It’s a big job assuring that the narrative message we create stays aligned with every aspect of brand reputation, right? Imagine the task of tracking integration and message for visual aspects of the brand! Which is vitally important as digital marketing continues to evolve toward the visual.

Sarah lists several helpful hints for marketing across platforms with visual messaging in her post ‘4 tips for visual content marketing across platforms’ on the TweetReach Blog. They are:

1) Know best practices for each platform.

2) Trust your analytics.

3) Tie visual elements for the brand together consistently.

4) Adjust and amend content (especially copy) for each platform.

Visuals catch the eye and can grab our attention. The trick is effectively keeping attention and providing value in exchange.

Q1) How do you define ‘visual marketing’?

Q2) How is incorporating- or leading with- visuals important for brands?

Q3) What platform(s) are more effective than others in visual marketing?

Q4) What are some best practices for visuals for each platform?

Q5) How should we use different visual elements? e.g., photos compared to GIFs or videos and graphics?

Q6) How can we create value with visuals?

Photo credit: Sarah A. Parker via Laughing Goat

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