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Search and Social: The Yin and Yang of Inbound Marketing?

Let’s face it. Your web site does the heavy lifting in inbound marketing, right? Hold on. Traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) have definitely been changed by social media. But has the effect of social been seen in inbound marketing results? In the Kissmetrics article 5 Things You Need to Know About Social Media and SEO we get a fair accounting of the impact of social media on traditional SEO attributes like search engine result page (SERP) ranking, but that is only a piece of the story of inbound marketing as it stands today.

The Kissmetrics article lists a couple of additional attributes by which social media impacts user’s behavior:

  • Social profiles rank in search results. This is especially true when searching specific brands names.
  • People use social channels for search. Social channels are increasingly viewed as authoritative ‘views’ into businesses and brands.

And, while Google is pretty clear on its position regarding social signals’ impact on authority, other search engines, like Bing, have clearly embraced the use of social signals in enhancing search ranking and authority.

So social is impacting inbound marketing as a phenomenon, for sure. But the question remains: Is Social Media pulling it’s weight in inbound marketing?

Q1) Really, how popular (and effective) is search on social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

Q2) How does ranking of social profiles in search engine results enhance a business or brand’s perception by consumers?

Q3) How much weight do social signals (e.g., ‘likes’ or number of followers) have in consumer’s perception of authority?

Q4) Where do you click first in a search result, a web page or a social profile? Why?

Q5) Do you think social authority will have greater influence on search engine algorithms in the future?

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