#LorrieMovy is gonna blow your mind with conversations about video.

This week’s #SMXChat guest is Lorrie Guerrieri, aka #LorrieMovy. Lorrie is the Community Manager for Movy (@movystream). Movy is a mobile app for in-stream, conversational video. As community manager, Lorrie helps support users and customers, builds social media awareness, and not least, assists customers in building communities around responsive video streaming.

Social media is evolving rapidly on the wave of technology innovations in mobile devices and networking. Traditional social media communities were created around narrative and textual conversations, going back to the 90s and chat rooms. More and more, users are creating and attracted to communities that use images, such as Instagram and Tumblr. And there is the ubiquitous YouTube for video. As mobile video technology innovations have matured, a new form of responsive, or conversational video is emerging as a vehicle for social (and business and brand community) interaction. So, for many of us, mobile devices are rapidly becoming (or have become) our primary means of social networking. That’s the place to create stream-oriented, conversational video.

Q1) How do video conversations differ from traditional textual social media? How are they similar?

Q2) It’s not videoconferencing, and not broadcasting. What is it? How do users perceive responsive video?

Q3) Our attention is valuable. How might we optimize video conversations to meet business goals?

Q4) What tips are there for businesses and brands to create compelling conversational video content?

Q5) How can responsive video enhance content to add context and timing and compel action?

Q6) Video conversations remove an aspect of anonymity. Is that a good thing?