Whether building a start-up or transitioning an existing business culture, it is imperative to integrate organizational business objectives with the implementation of social media marketing. It only makes sense. Today’s customers expect open and transparent communication in exchange for loyalty. The best way to achieve this cultural objective is to integrate each business objective expansively and inclusively, creating a community in which the business and its customers share stakes in each others’ success and satisfaction.

Q1) What business objectives create a thriving business culture that blurs the lines between company and customer?

Q2) Where does developing a social strategy fit, priority-wise,  in developing overall business objectives?

Q3) How can a company’s various constituents influence its business objectives?

Q4) What specific business objectives are best met with development of a social strategy?

Q5) What are the Key Performance Indicators for social media execution meeting larger business objectives?

Q6) What companies have business culture that blurs the lines between ‘the company’ and ‘the customer’?