Here we are again, to speak about businesses and brands’ ability to ‘get it’ when it comes to social media. And we now defer to you, the Choir, to inform us of the progress that’s been made in the past year (or so) since we last spoke.

One of the ways we keep in touch with the pulse of biz and brand acceptance of social media (and it’s quite telling) is to peruse job postings. It’s quite interesting. The buzzwords fly, but does the message get through to leaders that are responsible and accountable for social media marketing?

Take this recent example:

“We need help.We need gorgeous pictures, edited, beautified, and #lovified. we are an exciting, creative, and growing company, and we need an enthusiastic and driven individual to help solidify our branding and advertising efforts through social media.We are looking for someone who works quickly, produces quality work, and is comfortable leading and delegating… you gotta have some VISION!You’ll be joining some of the most fun people you’ve ever met. Really. Further, this can turn into a rewarding career. Really. If your blog has too many followers, your Facebook posts get too many likes, and everyone is sick of how great your Instagram photos are – we have the job for YOU!we need a cover letter, resume, and a solid collection of links/photos/work history… can’t WAIT to see what you’ve got :-D”

Pretty much par for the course in small business, this one. But honestly, check out the ‘professional’ sites, even LinkedIn and the like, you’ll see more along the same theme. ‘Followers’ ‘Likes’  and ‘Content.’ Ugh.

This one’s on the opposite extreme:


We are seeking an individual to help us implement and dominate our own little slice of the internet. We have a digital blueprint to follow from an industry expert, now we just need the right person to implement and maintain our game plan to digital perfection.

About our ideal candidate:

You’re organized and driven by data. Spreadsheets and analytics are your canvas, which you paint with numbers, facts and statistics. You’re inquisitive, always wanting to find out the “how,” not just the “what.” You know that work product can be improved by the click of an Excel document, the drop of a tracking pixel, or the tweak of a subject line and that there’s no better way to track this improvement through the latest data-entry system.


Track responses from various marketing campaigns and maintain database by entering new and updated prospect information. Create, maintain and improve digital marketing campaigns through the use of marketing automation, analytic, and creative tools.”

Our question? Where, in the mixed-up world of social media marketing, does the happy medium lie?

Q1) What is the value of a ‘like’ or a ‘follow’? #SMXChat

Q2) From a biz/brand perspective, where does value-driven social data come from? #SMXChat

Q3) We are pretty familiar with web analytics. What distinguishes social metrics/analytics? #SMXChat

Q4) What social media metrics bring value to brands? #SMXChat

Q5) How should brands be collecting data/using social analytics? #SMXChat