This week’s #SMXChat guest is Jack Kosakowski. Jack is Regional Sales Manager at Act-On Software and a strong advocate for social selling. While admittedly as ‘sales guy’, Jack also acknowledges his passion for social media, social marketing and social selling. And, in the end, aren’t like 80% of the people on social media selling something?

So Jack caught my attention one day recently in the Twitter stream when I noticed the hashtag #engagementgap. And being an engagement kind of guy, the concept intrigued me. So I engaged Jack in a short conversation about what engagement gap means, and come to find out, it’s a big deal! Because engagement, in the future of social sales and marketing, is becoming the measure of realization of revenue potential. I’ll say that again: REVENUE POTENTIAL. Jack has a great post on LinkedIn that gives a much broader background: It won’t be long folks, before the promise of social engagement as a measurable influence on revenue is real. When that happens, we want to be on the upside of that curve, right?

So, for the sake of discussion, I see the term ‘engagement gap’ really defining two things on different sides of the revenue generation equation:

1) The gap demonstrating that what we are ‘broadcasting’ on social channels is being largely ignored by our audience; and

2) The problem of responsibility and accountability for social brand advocacy within our organizations.

This week is going to be all-out on #SMXChat. I bet we all have a lot to say on this topic! We’ll see your there on Tuesday, January 13 at 3 PM EDT 8 GMT.

Q1)  How does the #engagementgap on social channels create a revenue gap for businesses?

Q2) How do we quantify the unrealized revenue for brands that don’t engage socially?

Q3) What’s the effect on engagement for brands and companies that have the whole team using social media?

Q4) How do we shrink the #engagementgap with our audiences?

Q5) Will putting a number on things like revenue potential and social brand advocacy get the CEOs/CFOs attention?

Image credit: Jack Kosakowski