The old saying goes that nothing is constant but change. True, eh? I think I’ve been perceiving subtle changes in social media. How about you? And do you perceive those changes as subtle, or as obvious changes in how we (as consumers) and they (as brands and businesses) are behaving?

Think about how the average person uses and consumes media of all types, including things like advertising, promotion, and branding. How have you seen businesses and brands shifting their focus in the past, say, twelve months? And for those of you that are social media and community managers, we’d like to hear about your experience in how your brand is shifting focus (if at all).

Social media marketing is maturing. Businesses and brands are realizing that. So the shift toward investment in community building and content marketing makes sense, right? And here’s the next step: INTEGRATION. Once we begin to strategize, plan, and execute digital marketing programs that integrate all channels and media, we’ll begin to see the power of community-driven marketing take hold.

1) What changes do you see in how brands and businesses are approaching social media marketing?

2) Where do you think businesses and brands should be focusing efforts in the coming year?

3) What is the single biggest change you notice in how consumers use and consume social media?

4) Have social communities attained critical mass in affecting brand marketing?

5) Is content marketing here to stay?

6) What do you predict is an unforeseen change that is likely to happen next?

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