We have various ‘whys’ about our social media participation. Some of us do it as a career! You know who you are. You don’t have to be a social or community management professional to dig the questions we’ve come up with for this week’s #SMXChat, though. We’re winding down the year, so let’s have a little fun. And, perhaps, be a little introspective.

It takes a special someone to be successful at social and community management, right? But have you ever put your finger on exactly what makes a great one great? Personality. Inspiration. Will. Who knows?

Community Manager Woman
Community/Social Media Management is real work!

We’re going to make it easy on you though, with fill in the blank questions. Let’s have a little fun while we think about what inspires us to be who we are in social media.

Q1) As a Community Manager, my most important role is ______.

Q2) When my Mom asks what I do as a Social Media Manager, I say _______.

Q3) If there was no internet and social media, I’d probably be a _______.

Q4) If someone asks me how they could gain the skills required for my role, I tell them _______.

Q5) My inspiration comes from _______.

Q6) If I was to teach a course on what I do, I’d call it _______.

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