The world of social networking is built on the principle and premise of building relationships both between individuals and among many of us together in communities. We place great value on friendship, and social connections give us so many opportunities! It’s quite easy to call someone a friend, yet we define friendship as an intimacy that we share between us. There’s no doubt that we share much about ourselves in our virtual social circles, but think about how many social networking ‘contacts’ you might actually call a ‘friend.’ And isn’t it that depth of feeling, yes, intimacy, that we aspire to in our community building efforts, as representatives of our small business, larger company or global brands?

This week is Thanksgiving in the United States. A holiday that many people claim as a favorite – with gatherings of friends and family to express our thanks for the blessings we share. Thanksgiving through the end of the year is the busiest time of year for retailers and service industries, and while everyone hustles and bustles about for the holidays, we hope to keep in mind those things that make it most meaningful: family, friends, and for many, faith.

Let’s keep the faith for the friendships we’ve developed in our social media communities by remembering that none of us does this alone. We are here to encourage, inspire and uplift each other. And by doing that, we elevate us all.

Q1) What are some good ways to show that we appreciate each other in our social communities?

Q2) How do we create an environment in our communities where each of us is valued and appreciated?

Q3) What are a few things you’re thankful for in your social communities?

Q4) Has a social media gesture or kindness has stuck with you from the past year? What was it?

Q5) Have you taken time this past year to let someone know you consider them a friend?

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