This week’s guest on #SMXChat is Geoff Hudson-Searle. Geoff is an international director and strategist, lecturing regularly on the principles of integrated business strategy, change and business sustainability at worldwide forums including SEMA and he has over 22 years of experience in the management arena. Geoff has vast international experience and is currently the Managing Director of HSI and a recent published author of ‘Freedom After The Sharks’. International clients with which Geoff has worked include the British Government, HP, Compaq, BT, Powergen, Intel, Atari, ARM, Volvo, Barclays Bank, CLS, Societe Generale, Chase, Bank of America and Western Union. Two key areas of Geoff’s expertise are  brand strategy and business communications which ideally equip him to strengthen global companies and develop international business and marketing strategies.

Well, this is a great opportunity to discuss the corporate perspective on social media with a leader who lives it.

With all of the discussion of strategy, culture, transparency, engagement, etc., etc., how do the largest brands and corporations of the world actually view the social media juggernaut?

Here’s our chance to hear about it from an expert; let’s debate and answer the following questions:

Q1) Do corporate leaders view social media as simply (only) marketing?

Q2) What is the strategic value of social media?

Q3) What areas of corporate organizations benefit most from using social media?

Q4) Should social media pervade the organizations of big brands and corporations?

Q5) Are corporate leaders making the best use of personal social branding?

Q6) Where in the corporate organization should the social media team reside?

Image courtesy of  Geoff Hudson-Searle