I’ve been thinking about this week’s #SMXChat topic for some time. It is a bit theoretical, so I’m asking you to help coalesce the theory and work out some realities of social media community dynamics and how they relate to communicating brand stories, among other very useful applications of social media.

The theory is that energy generates from social communities For the purpose of this discussion, I’d like to define the following terms:

Latent energy of social communities – Latent social energy is passive energy that is released by a trigger event. Think of latent energy of social communities being the result of the Arab Spring, or the reactions brought about by significant events like what happened in Ferguson Missouri this past summer. This is simmering energy that explodes when triggered.

Potential energy of social communities – Potential social energy is active energy, straining to be released. Think of this as the energy of communities associated with sporting events, where social communities come alive for the duration of the event. This is anticipatory energy waiting for an outlet!

Neither form of social community energy is necessarily predictable, or, once released, controllable! That’s the power and beauty of energetic social communities. What one might predict will evoke a strong response may fall flat, while a seemingly harmless idle comment might provoke very energetic responses.

Social energy Big Bang: A galaxy pf possibilities!

Have you thought about what happens when communities gather enough steam to begin releasing their energy? Let’s discuss the possibilities. See you all at #SMXChat on Tuesday, November 11 at 3 PM EDT U.S. Honestly, I have no idea what time GMT.  But y’all on the continent know how to find us!

Q1) What are some good ways for brands to empower and energize communities?

Q2) How do we feed energy into our communities?

Q3) What kinds of positive things result from an energized community? Negatives?

Q4) Community energy and power can emerge from unexpected places. How does one keep up?

Q5) What tools/processes can we use to predict the kinds of triggers that release community energy?

Q6) Is a community manager powerful or powerless once the energy of a community is released?

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