Autumn always brings to mind how the hard work of spring and summer allows us to reap a bountiful harvest. And the work of business people, especially social marketers, follows a seasonal course also. As we enter into the last couple months of the year, it’s a good time to consider our efforts of the previous months. What’s gone right, what went a little off course… and what we can do to make for a strong finish and a good start for next year!

The reverse cornucopia of social marketing.

In social marketing, though, the seeds of our harvest are being planted every day! and our fields never lie fallow. Planting, growing, and nurturing our social communities is a year-round effort! So while the snow flies, and the fields are covered in snow (at least in Michigan!) the efforts of the social marketer roll on. How do YOU keep the pace?

Q1) What are your ‘seeds’ of social networking and communities?

Q2) Should we toss seeds out and see what takes hold, or plant in rows and cultivate carefully?

Q3) Does cross-pollinating your social marketing effort pay off? How?

Q4) What are the risks of over-fertilizing (i.e., ‘over-exposure’)?

Q5) Fruit left on the vine often produces seeds for the next growing season. How do you make the best of mistakes?

Q6) What do you think is the next fertile area for planting social networking seeds? How do you keep an eye out for new opportunities?

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