Brands are active in social media in a variety of ways. For the most part, it seems that the ‘fan’ motif plays out most often. Consumers, customers and potential customers follow brands for various reasons, too. Brands have many opportunities to connect with people that have some level of interest in them.

It makes one wonder, what are the why and how of building brand communities? Especially in active channels like Twitter, where the lifespan of each tweet is measured in seconds. How can brands be informative, helpful, creative, and fun in building chat communities that will draw the social crowd?

Chats engage us in real time!

Q1) Why are chat communities important for brands?

Q2) How do large brands benefit from building chat communities?

Q3) What risks do brands face in supporting their chat communities?

Q4) What are some creative ideas for developing chat topics for brands?

Q5) Are brands expected to be self-promotional in their chat communities?

Q6) How do chats get the word out for a brand?

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