Every once in a while, we come back to a topic on #SMXChat. Why? You know, sometimes 60 minute chats just isn’t enough to cover a juicy topic. And, how we perceive and use social is changing, so what we think about something today may be quite different from how we think about it in a few months. And so it is with today’s topic: Social starts local. It has a nice ring to it. eh?  Almost lyrical.

The Tablet/Smartphone as your welcome mat!

So while everybody knows that we are in business to make money, the foundation of a social business is to create a feeling of community, of service to customers, and of sincere concern for ‘doing the right thing.’ It may take us back to our romanticized image of local merchants in our hometowns. Everybody knows everybody. Kids go to school together, and we see each other at the market. Can social business bring us back to those days? Is social networking intimate enough that we feel like we ‘know’ local people we’d like to do business with? There may be a generational aspect to this social/local thing. The emergence and evolution of e-commerce is changing loyalty and buying habits, too. It makes one wonder, can local businesses gain the visibility and appeal that they need to attract customers? Let’s talk about it.

Q1) How should businesses focusing on local develop social strategies?

Q2) How might a local business use social tactics to get customers to visit?

Q3) Do local businesses need to hire social experts to be successful using social media?

Q4) Are social tools getting too sophisticated for casual users to make use of them?

Q5) “We’ve been here for 40 years. Everybody already knows us.” Not a candidate for a social strategy, right?

Q6) What are your top three social network channels for local businesses?

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