I will dispense with the cliche that always comes to mind when I think of pictures. You know the one. But one cannot deny the explosion of images on the visual web. Both individuals and brands are using various visual tools to enhance storytelling and increase engagement. You may know, by now, that I am not big on quoting figures (it really takes so much research!), but we all hear quite often about the greater levels of engagement achieved by adding video, pictures and other images to our social posts. And it is true in just about every social channel.

Important aspects of using visuals in brand marketing include lots of insight, forethought, planning, and creativity! For instance, check out these

Four Visual Branding Techniques for Social Media by Zach Kitschke via Inc.

Hit ‘play’ and create a connection between your customers and your brand.

So what is it about a picture/video/image that evokes such responses? Let’s see:

1) Certainly, images that reinforce a story are compelling.

2) Images that evoke emotions draw emotional connections.

3) We all like to have fun, and videos and images make creating that experience much easier.

We can’t wait to hear your insights and ideas about using video, pictures and other images to enhance connection with your social communities!

Q1) What are some key considerations in creating visuals that represent your brand?

Q2) How can visuals build on a brand story?

Q3) What ways are there to enhance how well a visual engages your audience?

Q4) Is it possible to commit visual overkill?

Q5) Just about every social channel has evolved to accommodate visuals. Which ones are doing it well?

Q6) In what ways do you use visuals in your day-to-day social activity?

Both images are courtesy of  www.business2community.com