This week’s #SMXChat guest is Jo Turnbull. Jo is Founder and Blogger of SEO Jo Blogs and a Freelance SEO Consultant. She is  Founder of @SearchLDN #SearchLondon and Editor for @StateofDigital.

Okay, let’s begin with disclosure: my experience in web marketing began with SEO sales, so I speak with a bit of a biased perspective. Now, this began quite some time ago, so I will also pre-qualify some of my comments with the knowledge that website developers and SEOs have come all long way in embracing social, But is it far enough? And, has social gone too far in annexing SEO territory?

All planned, integrated approach means you get optimised traffic from all your marketing efforts!

Let’s start with what today’s practice in SEO and social marketing have in common:

1) Content is KING! This was the first SEO buzzword I ever heard. True today as much as it ever was. And so true, too, in the context and application of social marketing.

2) Being genuine and doing it right. The second SEO buzzword I learned was ‘White Hat.’ There is a right way and a wrong way to attract attention to your content. And doing it the right way saves you a lot of headache and frustration in the long run.

3) SEO and Social Marketing are long-view activities. If you’re looking to get immediate impact (i.e. visits), you better hit the Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns really hard.

I bet our readers might add a few items to this list, but you get the message (I hope). SEO and social have more in common than they do in difference! And kicking off a marketing program, in my opinion has to include well-planned aspects of both. I like to think of it in a hub and spokes analogy: The web site is the hub and social marketing is the feeder and referral network. What do you think?

We have a lot to discuss, in this week’s chat, then, because many of us have pretty strong feelings about of the SEO v Social marketing play.

Q1) Have hard-core SEO developers embraced social as a viable marketing tool?

Q2) What do SEOs and Social Strategists have in common?

Q3) In what ways do SEO and Social Marketing complement each other?

Q4) In what ways should we be further integrating social and SEO?

Q5) Does social have a significant impact on driving web site visits today?

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